Booking Procedure

Booking Procedure 


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In order to get in touch, please send me an email to my email address  in order to arrange a full telephone consultation and schedule a time for a session. You may address me as Dahlia via email and on the telephone when we speak: I do not use any other honorific. In your email include: 

Your name 

Your BDSM interests, your experience level 

Your desired session length 

Alternatively, if you wish to book on the phone, you can call me on 07490634048. This phone is only on when I am working, so if I do not answer then send a WhatsApp message and I will get back to you to schedule a call. This is not an opportunity for domination over the phone – unless we have previously arranged it – and any attempts to elicit free domination this way will result in me terminating the phone call.

I am available for one, two, or three hour scenes. I am not currently available for overnight bookings. I am not available at short notice, and most bookings will need to be made at least 2 weeks in advance. Remote and telephone domination is also an option.

I operate from a dungeon in West London near Bakerloo station, and a dungeon in Bristol. These dungeons are well-equipped, and I have a range of my own personal equipment. If there are specific toys, props, clothing or equipment you wish me to use then I am happy to discuss this in advance of a session. If you bring additional equipment without previous discussion then I will not use it. I will not offer sessions in any private locations. If you wish to meet elsewhere then my usual dungeons, it shall be a location of my choice.

If we are meeting in person, arrive promptly to the address provided, but not early. If you arrive more than ten minutes late I will cancel the scene and retain your deposit. If you arrive late more than once, I may deign you unworthy of my time and refuse to allow future bookings. 

There is an additional charge if you book me in London to account for my travel costs. 

No alcohol or drugs permitted for in person sessions (except poppers). 

I demand an impeccable standard of personal hygiene from all submissives. 

I expect you to behave in a well-mannered and respectful way when speaking to me outside of a scene. Within a scene I expect to be treated with the reverence, awe or fear I require. Failure to do either will result in me cancelling a booking.

Violation of any of the above rules will result in termination of a scene without any refund.