About Me

Kink has been a part of my entire adult life, and after 15 years of lifestyle BDSM I have recently moved into professional domination. Initially I was not drawn to domination through a desire to be cruel, although I can be exceptionally so. Rather, I was, and continue to be, fascinated by the psychology that underpins BDSM, and the catharsis that can come from practising it well. Consensual power play is one of the most extreme and intense ways that two or more people can interact with each other, and I love helping people to reach the most extreme, hidden, and innermost parts of themselves. 

As an articulate and sharp-witted person, my specialism is in verbal humiliation, and I am expert at putting you in your place with just a few words. Whether playing on your worst fears or your ultimate fantasies, whether degrading you or permitting you to worship me, I love crafting my words to assert my domination over you. I have a cruel wit and a sadistic mind, but I remain chillingly calm and in control of every session, never dominating through force or anger. I can be strict, I can be biting, I can inspire awe and terror, but I will never raise my voice.

I welcome sessions with those who have no experience in BDSM, alongside those who do. If you are hesitant or nervous about getting in contact, know that I aim to create an environment in which you feel safe to indulge your innermost fantasies. I want you to let loose and enjoy the fear I will inspire in you, in a space that you know is safe and discrete.